I would like to nominate Phoenix EI for "Vendor of the Year"! I am so impressed with how much help Phoenix EI is in providing for our clients. In addition to the wonderful job they do of transporting our clients, they have been instrumental in making the lives of my clients better. They have done Christmas/Birthday gift shopping, wrapped the gifts, and delivered them, they take a client grocery shopping every 2 weeks so he can get healthy snacks back to his apartment, and they have helped me show clients new care homes they could live in. I think the help they have provided to make Mr Smith's dream of attending a Chicago Cubs baseball game may be the best one yet. Not to short change all the others they have done, but they have been awesome. What did they do you ask? They went to the Surprise Stadium box office and purchased the tickets for Mr. Smith and his companion. This action alone saved Mr. Smith (who is on ALTCS and has limited funds) $18.00. On March 23 they are going to pick-up and accompany Mr Smith to Surprise Stadium to see his favorite team, the Chicago Cubs in a spring training game against the Texas Rangers. A companion will be at the game with him to make sure he has/gets everything he needs including, hot dogs, non-alcoholic beverages, and souvenirs. When the game is over they will take hime back home. It is going to be such a great day for him. NONE of it would have been possible without their help. I know a "vendor of the year" award does not exist, but I wanted to share with you what a WONDERFUL agency Phoenix EI is. - Glenn H.. from Phoenix

There are so many reasons why I choose your company over all the others. Being a client of the ALTCS Program here in AZ, I have dealt with most of the Transport companies. Once I was left in the middle of one appointment between delivery, and return, as the company closed their doors. In another occasion, I was picked up by another company, three hours early for my 10:00 AM appointment, and they didn't come for my return trip until 7:00PM that evening. Being diabetic it was difficult at best. Taking that twelve-hour "tour" was a bit much. I went to another appointment with my Orthotic supplier, and when they saw the van which brought me in, the specialist in the front office area mentioned that she knew of a new transportation agency for the handicapped, and that I should call them and try them out. I called from the office that very day, and within fifteen minutes the van arrived and to my utmost joy, returned me home in less than twenty-minutes. HALLELUJAH! My caregiver and I couldn't believe that such a great company wasn't known to us. Thank God I have found Phoenix EI.

We never had one moment of hesitation about making the right choice in your company, nor will we ever have any doubts of your sincerity, ability to follow through, and desire to be the best friend any and all handicapped individuals have in the Metro Valley area. I pray the company will continue to enjoy a firm following, and highly pleased customer base. God bless the entire Phoenix EI Transportation family. - Father and Archbishop Timothy C. from Phoenix

"Very good service, dependable drivers that care, and I don't want anyone else." -Lloyd L. from Mesa

"Not only do the owners care about me, but they care about all whom they transport." -Kimberly A. from Mesa

" Phoenix EI Transportation compared to their competition would be rated a ten plus! Their on time pick ups are super and their drivers are super, keep it up!" -Darryl B. from Phoenix

" I just wanted to say how wonderful your team is. You have been coming through for us with all these "very last minute" requests and I greatly appreciate everything you are doing for us. The residents just rave about your drivers and they talk about them like they were rock stars! Whatever you guys are doing over there, keep it up, you're fabulous!" -Gina F. from Phoenix 

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