Do you allow family members or caregivers to ride along to an appointment?
Absolutely, escorts can be added at a minimal cost.
How long do I usually have to wait to be picked up after appointments?
We are either there waiting for you or our return pick-ups are average 15 - 30 minutes.
Do you require drug testing for your drivers?
Yes, we do random drug testing on all of our safe and qualified drivers.
Does Phoenix EI have a Zero Tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policy?
Yes, click here to view it.
Are your drivers licensed in CPR and first aid?
All of our drivers have passed rigorous training and are ready to assist at a moments notice.
What if I do not have a wheelchair but need to be transported in one?
All of our vans are equipped with a wheelchair for your use if needed.
Can you transport a patient using oxygen?
Yes, Transportation for patients using oxygen is performed in compliance with Arizona State Law.
Can I have same day transportation?
Yes, it is available. However, we appreciate advanced notice to assist in scheduling.
How far in advance do we have to call to schedule transportation?
24 hours, but we can do same day transports.
Can I hire you privately? If so, what forms of payment do you accept?
Yes, you can hire our company privately. We accept cash, check, credit card, and money orders. Monthly billing for facilities can also be set up upon request.
Are your vehicles cleaned and maintained?
Yes, our drivers and vehicles adhere to strict company guidelines for cleanliness and maintained to ensure safe transportation.
Do your drivers make sure our loved ones arrive safely at appointments?
Yes, our drivers physically take them in and make sure the receptionist knows they are there and gives them a card to call us when their appointment is finished before departing.
Do your drivers have good driving records?
Yes, all drivers are checked through the motor vehicle division before they are considered for hire.

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